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“When the nation starts forgetting its history and

 past here it begins a process of its degradation

and deterioration. Forgetting the past is

a sign of complete dissolution, split

and spoil of a nation”.


Ilia Chavchavadze









This must be interesting to all family name groups



     Even only the words of Saint Ilia the Righteous premised as an epigraph is sufficient to a person to realize how important it is to know the history of his own family and nation, which allows him to choose a right route while wandering through the mazes of future.

   A human being differs from an animal in having not only a present, but also a past, by realizing of which he should continue his journey into the future. And what we know well is that every nation consists of separate persons, families and family name groups.

     If we paraphrase the epigraph we could say that it is the negligence of traditions, customs, and family history which leads to degradation of a person.

   The newspaper article of Catholic-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II deals exactly with this issue. Extraction from this publication:

    “As far as we are a small nation, many people in Georgia are relatives to each other. Unfortunately, the new style of living has brought different rules; people have become more obsessed about their problems and spend less time with the people around. The state of being in difficulty has limited the relationship with relatives and has created a threat of becoming separated to each other. The construction of a family tree will really help posterity to establish and preserve ties of relationship.

     Recently in one of my interviews I expressed my wish to be in every Georgian family a book of genealogical tree, where would be presented not only the names of their ancestors, but also their biography. Writing about their personalities, positive characteristics, and acts of kindness as well as depravity they have showed will help posterity to see clearly what is right and what is wrong while arising them a natural desire to realize and correct their own life".  



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Catholic-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia 

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