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The representatives of Gagua surname in the service of their country and faith

The surname Gagua is one of the ancient surnames, which played its humble role in the nation’s life.

According to the Professor Vladimer Gagua, the king Solomon the 1st gave the title of nobleman to Gagua surname family members for the achievements made in the struggle of Khresili . Based on the documents dated to the 19th and 20th centuries the fact of giving nobleman’s title is proven.

Besides this in the state central archives of Kutaisi can be found some documents according to which some families of Gaguas are mentioned by the Russian imperial commission in the special list consisting of the highest titles.

In 1998, in Moscow “The Nobleman-Princes Surnames of The Russian Empire” was published, where Gagua surname can be found on page 43 of volume 4. 


Now a few words about Khresili struggle. It is one of the most important struggles in the history of Georgia. United Imereti-Megrelian forces participated in this struggle, which happened in 1756 near the village Khreseli (nowadays known as the region of Tkibuli). The above mentioned struggle ended with the triumphant victory of Georgian army which meant the end of Turkish rule in the western part of Geogia. It is known that for heroism shown in the struggle the King Solomon the Great had awarded representatives of different surnames with regalias. 


In the fourth volume of the book by L. Sanikidze “The Swords Without a Scabbard”, we can read about the bravery and courage of Megrelian army who had arrested 4 Turkish military leaders and had brought them to the king.


Based on the existing historical facts, materials from the archives and materials presented by family unions,  the coat of arms of noblemen Gagua’s was created by Leonide Shervashidze, the professor of Georgian international nobleman-prince society and the chancellor in the field of coat of arms. The coat of arms was testified by the signature and the seal of the head of the society.

There are facts based on the materials investigated by the family unions that before the Soviet era, several representatives of Gagua surname served among the ecclesiastics: Father Gaiozi, Father David, Father Iona,Father Epifane. The process of the search for the persons engaged in ecclesiastic activities is still being continued.

  For nowadays in the eparchy of Chkondidi, the priest Iakob Gagua leads his activity, as well as father Aphinoangel, hegumen (civil name Alexander Gagua)  in the orthodox church of Russia.

His name is linked with bringing the icons of Sergei Radonjheli and holy Seraphim Saroveli donated by Georgian association of countrymen to the cathedral church Sameba on the 30th  anniversary of enthronization of Patriarch. The icon rests in Sameba Cathedral Church, on its  northern wall.

Herewith Merab Gagua is a film-director, documentalist who has several movies shot on ecclesiastic themes.

The journalist Maia Gagua works in the newspaper Patriarchy Notes.

It also can be noted that one of the architects of St. Ilia the righteous monastery complex in Saguramo is a businessman George Gagua and one of the architects for restoration of  St. George church in Khoni-Samtredia eparchy in the village Nigorzgva is Guliver Gagua.

We will do our best to acquaint reader with some famous representatives of the surname which we were able to find from different encyclopedias and different literary sources. Also we would like to ask our reader to provide us with all the information about the persons who led significant activities for their country, region or village.

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