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4. Historical evidences about Sajavakho

   According to historians the biggest and oldest Satavado (tavadi – Georgian noble title, English equivalent – prince, Satavado – district governed by Tavadi) of Megrelians is Satavado of Chiladze. Representatives of family name Chiladze controlled the vast majority of historical Sajavakho. Historical Sajavakho now covers the territory of Samtredia, Lanchkhuti, Chokhatauri, Vani, Abasha, Senaki and Martvili. From the time when Georgia becomesa part of Soviet Union Sajavakho as a territorial unit is not mentioned.

   19thcentury population census (comprising years 40-49) of Kutaisi mentions Sajavakho and its villages (e.g. Sajavakho’s Nogha, Sajavakho’s Gamochinebuli, etc.), but it doesn’t say anything about Sajavakho as a village itself (that is to say the village Sajavakho doesn’t exist by this period)

    In regard with name Sajavakho academician A. Shanidze in his biography says: “I was born in Sajavakho, village Nogha”. This reference once more proves the existence of Sajavakho, as a historical-geographical unit.

  Sajavakho region has a plentiful of historical monuments, e.g. fortress of Tolebi (mentioned by the same Agathia Scholastikos), cave Darani in Nigorzghva, 11thcentury Koreisubani church of the Virgin, 11th centurychurch Terchouli of Archangel, Gamochinebuli church of St.George, Nigorzghva church of St. George, etc.

   People living in Sajavakho don’t have belongings to any specific region of Georgia. Some of them claim that they are from Imereti, some from Guria. The fact that they were originated from historical Sajavakho is already wiped out from their memory. As Mr. Shanidze says: “From Noghi to Dafnari you can hear the purest Georgian”.

   The most characteristic is perhaps the fact that here at supra people don’t drink a toast of any concrete region (Imereti, Guria or Samegrelo), that is to say, unconsciously by the influence of historical memories people don’t belong themselves to any particular region neither Guria nor Imereti (as Sajavakho as a geographical unit doesn’t exist anymore).

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