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2. Kotianeti

   A village Kotianeti is situated to the west of Nokalakevi in approximately 3 km. This large village is laid out on both side of highway, where there is a small fortress. The fortress has an irregular oval shape. It consists of fence, tower, church and a ditch around the fortress. Fortresses build in the period of Egrisi Kingdom usually are accompanied with a church. Abovementioned fortress in Kotianeti has the same characteristic. A small church occupies a south-eastern part of fortress fence. The small size of church implies that it was for fortress garrison only. The church has an entrance in the middle of western wall and lighting from a window on eastern wall. Inside and outside church is constructed with medium-sized refined stones.

   Here everything dates back to ancient times of Egrisi Kingdom. Supposedly the fortress stopped its existence as soon as the fall of Egrisi Kingdom. Every finding of Kotianeti fortress implies to early feudal period. Apparently the fortress was built in 4-5thcenturies, when Egrisi Kingdom experienced thehighest level of its development

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