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Foundation of family name association and its aims

Foundation of family name association and its aims


    With the initiative of one group of family name association there was organized the first gathering of family name Gagua in 1999, March 5. Board of association was elected eligible to choose candidates of association committee members and to establish family name association legally. Family name Gagua has its own article of regulation and governing body in the form of family name association committee. Association has its account at central office of Bank of Georgia 360801005, code 220101502, identification code 202063792.

    Family group association held a gathering also in 2000.

    Archbishop Tadeoz (Ioramishvili) blessed family name Gagua on the meeting held in Cinema House in 2001. Family group meeting took place in Cinema House again in 2002. Until 2010 was not carried out any gathering, nevertheless the board of association was continuing its activities. As a result of association’s work several archival, historical and other references regarding family name history were detected.

   Family name banner and flag are created. Coat of arms of noblemen Gagua was performed by International Association of Emblems and Family Name Awards. With initiative of association and by authorship of famous sports journalist and public man Otar Gagua was published a book “Grigol Gagua 85”. The book was published by association’s financial support.

    Family name association organized a new edition of ‘Boris Paichadze –Century Footballer’ by Otar Gagua. A form of association membership certificate was prepared for interested parties. Family name association assisted to publish “In the service of highest values” by academician Vl. Gagua, the book which reflects the work of this famous scientist and researcher.

    In 2009 with initiative of association committee family name icon was performed by Lasha Kintsurashvili, famous drawer of icons. The frame of icon and its carving are performed by Vakhtang Khoshtaria. Family name association gives thanks to abovementioned persons for their work. In January 10, 2010 on the day of Saint King David (psalmist) patriarch blessed a family name Gagua and sanctified family name icon. Sanctified by father Ioane the icon is assigned to Mariam Gagua. The icon is moved in different families of Gagua. Any person bearing the surname Gagua can apply to Mariam Gagua with desire to rest the icon in his family. The clemency of sacred image and benediction of patriarch will strengthen the family name.

    We would like to mention that icon blessing was accompanied with supra (feast), where an annual date of family name meeting was set, as first non-working day between January 7-14.

    A meetingcan be held ina historical part of Georgia where representatives of family name Gagua were living formerly or in some sacred place built or renovated with the contribution of persons bearing the surname Gagua.

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