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Gagua Konstantine , father’s name Romanozi

Gagua Konstantine , father’s name Romanozi (born on 31.07.1885 in the village Taleri, died on 28.08.1987, Tbilisi) he was a pedagogue, methodist. In the year 1909 graduated from the theological seminary of Tbilisi and in 1911 he graduated from historical-philological faculty of the Kazan University. From the same year he had been working as a teacher of Georgian language in classic gymnasiums of Khashuri, Kutaisi, Batumi and in school of Tbilisi also as a head of the department of teacher’s mastering institute of Georgian language and literature. To him belong several articles: “the literary artworks from all over the world”, collected articles “Shota Rustaveli in the school!” ,  Reading book of Georgian literature etc

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