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Gagua Grigol , father’s name Atanase

Gagua Grigol , father’s name Atanase(1915-2001) was a footballer and an honoured master of sports of the Soviet Union (1945). He played in Poti’s Vodniki, Poti’s Dinamo and Tbilisi State University teams. During 1935-1950 he played 155 games in Tbilisi Dinamo and had participated in 8 international matches. He was two way silver champion(1939-1940) and three way bronze champion (1936-1946-1947) of the Soviet Union. He was a unique player and had his own way of playing. He played in defense and in semi defense. In 1958 was a coach of Tbilisi Dinamo. Grigol Gagua had worked as a main coach of Dinamo football school. Beyond these facts one can see a great person, a great sportsman and a person with a rich biography. Our reader can obtain more information about him from the book of the famous journalist and a public person Otar Gagua, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Mr Gagua. The book is called “Grigol Gagua 85”. Nowadays Tbilisi Dinamo school for children is named after him. 

As a conclusion we would like to say that in his late years his contribution for the development of  Georgian football development was rewarded with an order of honour.

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