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Gagua Vladimer (Lado),father’s name Iese
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Gagua Vladimer  (Lado),father’s name Iese (born on 12.05.1860, the village Kotianeti- the date of death 25.07.1944, the same village) was a pedagogue, publicist, public person. In the year 1884 he graduated from the seminary for preparing masters in Kutaisi. He worked as a teacher in different cities and villages of Georgia (Nosiri, Tsalenjikha, Khobi, Kulevi, Poti, Senaki.) In the year 1916 he was designated for the post of the main inspector of public education of Senaki Mazra (district) and for the post of the inspector of the public schools of Kutaisi Province.  In the years 1918-1929 he was a head of an educational department in Senaki district. In 1901 a public school was built in the village Kotianti under his patronage which nowadays is named after him. All the costs connected with the school were covered by him.

We would like to note that V. Gagua is the author of a number of rhymes, some of them were made into the songs. The famous “lotbari” (singer) Dzuku Lolua’s repertoire mainly consisted of songs based on the rhymes of V.gagua.

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