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Gagua Vladimer , father’s name Vladimer
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(1927-1982) was a pedagogue, doctor of pedagogical sciences (1971), professor (1975), member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (1975), the vice-president of the same academy, an honoured member of Georgian Academy of Sciences (1985).  Since the year of 1959 he had been working in Tbilisi state pedagogical institute named after Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani, as an associate professor of pedagogical faculty, professor, the head of the faculty, rector of the institute (1988-1991). He was given a medal of Iakob Gogebashvili. His researches are about upbringing theories and pedagogical history to which he had dedicated books, monographies and several articles.

It must be noted that Vladimer successfully continued the pedagogical traditions of his family. Besides this he was endowed with the great sense of patriotic feelings for his country as well as for his surname. We will never forget his reaction when we invited him to come to the meeting for founding of the surname union, he was excited and happy as a little boy and he never missed any meeting until his health permiteded this.

During one of the meetings when he saw his surname family members he made a statement: “if there was held a beauty contest among the surname representatives I am sure Gagua surname family members would have won it”. This also can be reckoned as a great love for his surname.

In 2002, after his death, there was published a book “In the service of the highest values” supported by the union of surname family members and under the authirship of his students and colleagues. In this book the reader can obtain thorough information about the scientific and public researches made by Vladimer.

The second part of the book is dedicated to the sweet memories of his friends, students and colleagues about him. He is being characterized as the greatest person and the greatest scientist.

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