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Gagua Melbar

Gagua Melbar (1924-1972) One of the pioneers of the computing center of Georgian academy of sciences and the first senior research-workers. Having worked there for 15 years he became one of the most honoured, authoritative and valued figures.

In 1950 he defended his candidate thesis. In the years 1946-1957 he worked in the Institute of Mathematics of Tbilisi named after A. Razmadze, aw well as in the institute of the exact mechanics and calculating techniques of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

From 1957 M. Gagua was invited to the institute of computing mathematics of Georgian Academy of where he held a position of the head of department. 

In 1970 he defended a thesis for obtaining a degree of the doctor in physics and mathematics.

M. Gagua has more than three dozen scientific works among which are many important researches.

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