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Gagua Merab , father’s name Vakhtang

Gagua Merab , father’s name Vakhtang

Movies of Mr Merab Gagua have won several prizes at the international cinema festivals. He is awarded with an honoured medal of Tbilisi. He won the prize as a best movie director for the Brazilian-Georgia movie “The country of kind hopes” and was rewarded with an honored medal of Brazilian educational center. 

With the blessing of Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia the 2nd he shot a movie “Mother-the Blessed Virgin” which has been awarded several prizes. The film about David-Gareji also belong to Merab Gagua.

Merab is a member of a shooting group which filmed on December 25 of 1977 enthronization of the Patriarch of Georgia.

Mr Merab Gagua is one of the first to establish the surname family member’s union and an honored  member of the board of the surname family members.

Merab Gagua has been rewarded the Medal of Honor.

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